Sunday, 27 December 2009

art anwick gardens

alnwick gardens project ideas in motion !
steven drydens work above
changing seasons/changing perceptions
this is the brief handed to me for the venue Alnwick gardens
i can link my current idea about how technology and nature need each other in an ever changing world where seasons are changing at a rapid rate and . law of nature enviroment consideration law
law of nature enviroment consideration law

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

what a wonderful world

Controversial student sex film passed off as art |

Controversial student sex film passed off as art |

my dick made METRO jo steele write this """"!

nicked nuke----------- trannie somkin dan ------------------ cream pie

paintin s i been dooin
nicked nuke trannie is a kinad rip of some ar work by these guys
i love this website and the connected artist s i feel what there doing
this week was a strange one an art film that i perfomed
in was featured in international pron mag forum never in my life did i think i would be in a porn mag ,and i sertinatly did not ever think i would be ever in a porn mag but not metnioned . i bet that kinda sums up porn . (not depicting one s reality)
the day after discovering the write up in forum mag i typed the words ART PORN NEWCASTLE into google and i found this link :
and compared with the shameful write ups in the metro and in the sunday sun , may i say the worst example of writing . i was overjoy when reading gorillas post, yes i did were socks haha
and the palms dor oroffiss hurt my sides haha but it was the most rewarding read since makin sweet love in the name of art .
ask a question why did joe do it why did i do it why did m do it simply we wonted to experiment with life, and the options it brings were rational minds !
we can even vote !
im now going on a rant but im bloggin its 3.36 and im out of wine ahha
no here are some links form the local rag
1 more
2 more
last one its good the metro

that s 2 local paper s
a metro and a porno
and i stil dont have a copy i dont evenknow if i was wearin socks i asked m today and she ryplied that she was and i didnt i ll ask joe to check .
that blog made me smile it a reason others away from newcastle should see it.
so when i first met jo i asked him do you write for the metro he told me he didnt !
when i read on the bus the articule about the film .
what pleased me most was the fact that me perfoming sweet love on camara was a sureal matcho exirence hahah

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

finished peice

my project Idenity is finished my work

reesponse 1 and reesponse 2

the two are similar compositions and they compliment each other , Reesponse 1 was created for a reason i wanted to use cement and speakers and i had these 5 trays i found in a skip they now form the cot like shape . The reason for cement was simply interested in working with a new medium i was a lit
tle inspired from some art i viewed in Barcalona .In one of my previous projects i used grass
(far right shortcut a peice i made to highlight cutting corners) --------------------------------------------------------------------------->

<------ (a grass sound motage site specicifc the ouseburn newcastle 2008)

Reesponce 1
we grow we listen we become molded sculpted and manipulated.
if only i new how to convay the mesage about my art work
perhaps there is not one and my work shows simply mans need to do.
i like to create.
feelings, sensastions, create debate and ask question .

Monday, 7 December 2009

reesponse 1 and reesponse 2 work in progress

reesponse 1 and reesponse 2 work in progress
tomoro both peices will be finished they bounce of each other and when presented as i have in mind with reesponse 1 on a reflective base .
i hope to have achived a insite into my thought patern and a glimpse of my idenity,
reesponce 1 is evidence of my love of improvisation in art and my created forms

hello ebay

"art for sale "


i love this very deep idea i have it freamed well as of tomoro.


I paint nothing
i slide and swerve
i paint nothing
all shape appears
my mind reconstructs
i think why
i think why lines cross
painting a chemistry translating
feeing .

The heart a symbol of ? feeling /person , win/lose improvisation .
the books beneath the feet

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Questions hit me a thosand miles an hour!
the cement tile s have become a comperstion
i have named it reesponse 1 this combined with my other peice a paintin which i will name now in advance reesponse 2
my sculpture mash-up brings to light a beauty in my ritual laziness which permit me to think, lazy is essential to my practice.
I don’t comprehend why if an artist is cutting corners and guessing this should cause the observer to think less of the author!
I m drifting back to reesponse 1 sound-montage sculpture (cement, paint ,audiobites on wood) ii painted the backs of the cement tile s using my hands and one brush it was done really hastily .The discovery of the shape of the sculpture is a multitude of thing s all to do with the way the human conform s. against his will but for his will we do so conform the form of the sculpture gives the viewer a cot shaped structure that omitites music sound audio bites and ,the cement exterior with it s colours and earthy feel inflict childhood memories, mud pies messy wall, being naughty, breaking something. On the inside of the form we have vibrant colours ,energy, and a sense of chaos yet the sound is a times confusing .
i fell that reesponse 1 i s a reflection of my recent work method and my celebration of it .the use of my internet ready made sculptures in this case personal but in another sense it s a idea i would like to possibly take forward(sculptures forms that use audio altered stolen juxtapose elegantly .
im going to post a video update soon

Artist s

what artists do i like ?
links to me ?

Jhon Currin, Sydney Chastain-Chapmen
Ryan Mcginly
George CondoMaria

,Martin Creed,Alan Dave,Hannah ,Hoch,Terry Frost,Jim Dine,wilhem de kooning

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

my website begins

So claudio is a little more organized than yesterday, why because i have the framework of my website ,Global branding was running though my head when i chose between having a .com or a lol.
for now it just has my contact details and links to my blog is funny i made it with the help of my freind joseph steele the front page image was made in a strange way tho , Jo said "do you have an image to use for the front page"
i replyed "let me make it now and i have until the theme tune for the benny hill show
take s to finish also im only gonna use thing s in the top draw of your desk
we scaned it in and Joe did his magic !
The front page is the end result im so pleased with it although im pretty sure it will evolve.
i perticularly like the fact that if you click on my email adress it links to a youtube video of the song
sir dancealot (olympic runners). hahahahhahahha.

Monday, 23 November 2009

stage 2 cement

woke bright and early today ,i inspected my cement trays they had dried but much to my disapointment they didnt stick to the surface too well . (tray 5) i pick up and it fell off ahhhh,

so after a little think, i applyed some color bright pinks and yellows and a sprinkle of green, followed by another mix of cement but this time much wetter and i mixed in mor
e pva glue

i moved the surface addin more water it started to remind me of my childhood and playin with mud pies or messin at the beach with wet sand ,i try to follow a kind of rule but my rule were force to change because i have never played with this toy i dont know how to caresse and please the materials .

The photo on the left is how they look now im going to apply more color but im finished with the cement . All 5 of the speakers work (sound comes out) im now working on the the audio to be played im not sure how many cd players i will use, i do know that if i had five i would use five but for a starting point i would defiantly use two.

Im going to use the speaker s to resonate my influences , i will type key words into internet search engine s and then download the audio or film and then form an audio composition to play
out of the cement tablets .
i also intent to paint automatic response to this piece . (big)

Friday, 20 November 2009

barcalona was bute !

just so i dont forget or lose my note book again i wannna write artists whose work i came across and why it connected with me .

Augusta Rodin ,Carmen Segovia( this work in perticular just found her on blogger lol .Marc Rabal(
i think i saw all these artists in the same place. unsure
robert morris,Tomas Schmit,David Maljkovic,Armando Andrade Tudela
i like this note pad i can save links the work i feel so smart yet stupid for not doing this last year for that mater since i was a small boy .
modernologies was an exerbition at macba barcalona works by Mathias Poledna, Louise Lawler
Dieter Roth,Richard Hamilton,Jaume Xitra(,stencil 1934)
a land art film the spiral jetty
clip from film above. Robert Smithson fasinateing work of such magnitude clever in many ways the film style the ideas the process was something i dream to have ,it reminded me of Richard Longs work .

"the artists task no longer consists in creating a work of art but in producing creation anew"

Anna Artaker artist i realy interested in hard to find more info on her but i will follow it up.
RunA Islam s film s simlar in big ness remind me of Steve Mcqueen s work but the contents is different both sucsess full artists the utilis film as a medium (big projectors )
Henrick Olesen top image
this is a cool link i found no doubt ill use again.
while in spain i watched a story on the news about church fonts it was amusing because i made my boot piece was kinda related to a church font in the back of my mind. Link

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

made in cement stage 1

New project anonuced on monday "identity" i wanna work with cement,i saw some art work that used cement /paint i saw in barcalona last week .
Antoni Amat (small blue pic)
any how my idea is biuild a frame 40 cm by 20 cm , and put a backin on it mdf most likely.
You can see from the photos that

i have begun.Half a bag of cement was mixed with pva glue and water it was then devided up between the 5 trays , they each had a speaker atached right through back to leave the pontencial for sound to be played out , im unsure if this will work or even why i want it to ? sound to me is a colour it adds depth .Im workin on the sound while the mixture drys. i hope to add the paint first thing monday morning ,then another layer of cement again workin the materinals in a random seletion .
I have this vision of the work being like a tv with sound coming from a picture forgin sounds some idea s i have are to use turkish rock punk from the 70s , tv news from religious chanals what ever pops up !

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

hug the montain

im gonna expose u too some of my work ive been doing, the brif was to create site specific work for a rockclimbing wall in byker, newcastle upon tyne, which happens to situated within an old church. I made two piecs for this project the first was 2 toilets signs made from fused glass, i wanted to demonstrate my fustration at creatin art for arts sake . There quite good i think, i made a series of drawins ,watercolors,spray,stencils to come up with the desgin then i handed them to a guy called ashley sage a stained glass specilist .I let his abilty and chance to do the rest i had never met the ashly until i went to colect the finished product, i smiled.
The second was a film instalation titled porn climb ,It feature riped samples from "youporn" and "youtube" in both websites search bar i typed the words montain climb with this fotage i made the above.My idea behind this was my passion for ready made-art,chance and new possiblities .This is transgresive art following the similar atribute s to that of Cage,Duchamp ,Kenneth Anger,Zhu yu,Carolee Schneemann e.g
my pallete should be what ever my mind dreams and my restraints allow me.recently i care more for the process in art than the product

the reason for the shortness is due to the fact that the free porn downloader only alows you to download 30 seconds of witch i delated some music .
update and fix soon this is my first blog i feel like i came to quick but it is late and im tired for some strange reason im gonna atempt to watch woman in red with gene wilder and kelly le brook, haha not with them featuring them that would be weird!

i can blog now look out !

first post is arial as a font a good choice ?