Tuesday, 8 December 2009

finished peice

my project Idenity is finished my work

reesponse 1 and reesponse 2

the two are similar compositions and they compliment each other , Reesponse 1 was created for a reason i wanted to use cement and speakers and i had these 5 trays i found in a skip they now form the cot like shape . The reason for cement was simply interested in working with a new medium i was a lit
tle inspired from some art i viewed in Barcalona .In one of my previous projects i used grass
(far right shortcut a peice i made to highlight cutting corners) --------------------------------------------------------------------------->

<------ (a grass sound motage site specicifc the ouseburn newcastle 2008)

Reesponce 1
we grow we listen we become molded sculpted and manipulated.
if only i new how to convay the mesage about my art work
perhaps there is not one and my work shows simply mans need to do.
i like to create.
feelings, sensastions, create debate and ask question .

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