Wednesday, 10 November 2010

its been ages

im so want to make ddoodood
but its poo poo poo

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Friday, 6 August 2010

my work visits the Bakewell art show

my paintings are curently on show down derby way qa place called Bakewell where my friend ed has taken a selection of my work to his home town .
look bellow at the pictures he took, he even got me mentioned on bbc radio welldone ed .
and thanks for hanging my paintings upside down (the one on the easle)

if you want your paitings too resting on a banister outside of the ladys toilet get in touch with ed robinson ahahhahahh!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

so im on chatroulette

out: yo
in: yoooooooooooooo
out: u in ita;y
out: am in uk
out: newcastle
out: ciao
in: yes
in: sant'urbano
in: ciao
out: can u here my micropone
out: where
out: north south
out: my family is in poteza
in: rome
out: sweet
out: what the fuck u guys doing on shity chat roullete
in: you too
in: ahahahaah
out: because im bord and i use the foootage in my art work
in: bord?????????????'
out: whats ya names im claudio
out: mi scuzzi bored got fuckk all to do
in: from left to right ylenia matteo mirko
out: i can here u guys
in: we too
out: whats up in town tonight
out: ?
in: there is a war
out: what kind
out: u guys speak good english
in: alien vs citizen
out: you guy s always at war with that in italy
in: yes
out: why
out: why
out: tell me somtin
out: stearing into my house
in: is there any beautiful girl in newcatle?
in: are there
out: too many
out: loads of tastys
in: wtf
out: so has rome
in: tastys??? what does it means?
out: makes you eat
out: if some thing is tastey
out: u like eating it
in: we have to go
in: by
out: th cool

so im on chatroulette

where every spins a winner booo
late at night when i return home from work all day and drinking in the after hours i engage in a sort of speedy production of senerios and images form through improvisation
varrious ideas emerge all using chat roullete as a kind of starting point .
the strange ness of us humans !

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

satin love

my recent focus is a revisit to my watercolors ,the adition of collage and rederding the scanned image in photoshop is example s of me adding new skills and methodolgy to current and and previous styles .
The fundamentles remain pretty much the same .

howevere i myself find it extreamly dificult to grasp why whatever peice i am working on which is often muitude , has reocuring images all pornographic in theme . i beleive it to be a simple as me trying comunicate how saturated with filth my world is ,which i am greatfull ,i just sometime s wish my brain had ttotaly new visions or motions of thought .

Sunday, 20 June 2010

yam i so black

This was a good night of development in the lab playing with mono print using just black gloss
i finished it super quick was a messy procedre .
i have called ASSES WIDE OPEN
its simular to my recent cat paintings in that it s cave man like style.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

stroking the surface

Stroking the surface
gloss paint on board

This body of work can be seen as an extension of my dilidante process and direction within my practice .
Each of these paintings feature nature and us humans in harmony,however in contrast the shiny arbitrary colours evoke darker meanings.
The blackness is a change of direction from my previous use of bright colours within my work and i feel represents my initial emotional feelings at the time of painting .
This theme of cats observing people is an idea that originates from last christmas spent a my girlfriends motheres house, which has three naughty,playful cats senario im unacucustomed with. They observed my everymove for five days as i slept on the sofa bed.
A cat watching my movements makes me curiouse as to how they must interpret our existence.
Perhaps by viewing things from a cats perspective things can appear innocent .

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

nature looking at us

A total change in direction ocured , due to my inabilaty to cast the john terry and the silvio berlescoi stencils . i went through 2 weeks of perseviresnce into making the peice work . when plaster cast was not working i tryed to replicate the same idea using gold leaf another disaster.
Both these ideas are still possible but as they relect now the work must i feel responde now this is where my problems lay . my own skill s are at mosts time s unable to carry out my wishes and desires .
As im preparing for a final show of a body of work and my previous plans have failed ,i decided to persue my other idea of depiciting nature looking at us.
bellow is a peek at my studio
Using found palletes and ply wood the images are drawn using a chalk gun which raises the images texture .the wood pallete to me is a reflection on my stlye anything is open to me as artist material in my experimental way.
I have ruiend this painting above through experiment with colour i found the drips intersting but overall i was disapointed with the paintings lackof clarity.
this painting above is in stage 2 and is due to be paintied over nowing when to aplly paint and when to stop is some time s i feel like chating a girl up some times it goes up and down forward and backward s however its a passionte learning feeling discovery .
I have just painted this and is finish (top of post)
it one of my favorites so far .
this is the first time i have drawn animals in my painting s i am fasinated with this style i am creating .I feel so free float float on .............

Sunday, 2 May 2010

waste land object s and a peak in my studio

Its the beging of May and i feel all transisanal and re-born i had strongly beleived that i would be spending the next acadimc year contiuning my fine art degree but as you can add up from post previous things havent paned out that way and as a result i have to ajust and change gear !
im goona be alone more without lectures critisum (so i will have to find new critics )
feel free .
the work below is whats been happening in my studio my foucs recently has been on the wasteland oppersite the studio so you coold say my imidet suroundings as the work also depends on the storys of the moment (john terry ,election s CHANGE politics ) the media way of depicinting menipulating storys pushing there values on us the brothers and sisters of this land .
the wasteland is a place of decronstuction its an urban play space skateboarders and pepole who like to be in a enviorment that feels rule less and free, secret yet dieing as the developers prepare to stop a wasteland being a wasteland .
the pecie below was found by me and is a moss and soil relief of a brick in the wasteland 15/04/10 usworth is the name incribed on the brick releif is mirrored .
i cant alter the peice anymore its beuaty and self preserve are visions of natural growth names living on in the soil ,mud with an artistic earthy stencil tracing the wasteland is a living decomposing artist talent .
we are the nazi s !

This burnt wood was found on the wastland the area whare i found it forced blood to rush to my head as the recently burnt out fire was sensasonl it was surouned by (photo soon) the sound of nature and was crackling softly incialy i wantd to keep all the fire area but as thought kicked in i had to realise im un able to relaisee this i looked within the fire foor a sample of this black dead fire savage enrgey burnt tyres destroy proberbly by kids bored unitersted by the convention right aprouch to learnig .the act of lighting fires is something i relate to as a young claudio looking at the flame s burn diferent colors and size depending on the fule you stoke it with .

Takin plaster casts is a adaption of my stencils a new reepration of some older work but seam s to me very relevent in that i see some of my find s at the wasteland useful object s surface texttures and smells link well in my new seach to present my veiws on media s intrest exposing people by there flaws and alowing it to dominate socititys conversations and interests .
not alowing us to foucs on ourseleves deeper .
this cast belove is of s berlesconi the italian priminister i intend to do one of john terry also both 2 high profile peole one a footballer the other polotion musian media mogal ruler of italy rule breaker. the 2 figure s have both been under scruitiny due to the prmiscuss ways .
the work is now at a bigger scale more A4 in size ad i intend to glue the casts to the burt wood although im unsure how this will look ?

this tyre also was found in thesite of the burnt out remains of the fire i intent to put a mirror inside the tyre and hang above the other found burnt wood allowing personal reflecting whilst viewing the work alowing flowing personl thought s of self as well as i created picture of what my thought in your head.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


not achieving or not attended with success: an unsuccessful person; an unsuccessful venture.

hapless, unfortunate, foiled, baffled.

april is the crulest month

Monday, 19 April 2010

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

time for a update

im begining to notice a patern claudio ! "ha yes sir i am beginin to notice it too"

so i have been super busy an ignoring my blog i did update a few pics of images that have been floating around the surface of mind.

things are beging to fall into place i many aspects of my work and now know what to focus my artistic eye and my proces of intervention.

fuck sreens, john terry,wastelands sound experiment , painings, sound paintings,stencils have all been floaters leading to a point a release . i belevie that my systems have worked out a new calculation a feind of a colage .

the next series of blogs will follow this project till june that s about 2 months at the end of which i hope to have 5 sperete serise of works , all foolowing simular prosecss i have named release, i will exlain release in a future post.

Wasteland and wasteland revisited
is a video of me interacting with a wasteland ajasent to me studio wouldnt it be great urben life had places like the wasteland ,if there were spaces for people to throw stones and dig holes for there own reason play with a boat in a puddle even make a mud pie !


i found a hover and made an island

the carecters(sculpture) are hary on the island and steve with the hover

there are 2 films one of me geting the ideas and the other of the result yet when i edited them i felt it was more sexy if i poped them up and altered the flatening to that of my visual moving response.

below is me in the sky i resently got my hands on the film that i took part in a year ago

made by jo steele i cpatured some of the shot s

i pertiualey like the cross entanglment of bodies and the chair jo steele is a visionary and a dooerr !! god i love that guy

with the begins of RELEASE the starting point has become decide which glue is best to use to aply paper to hard bord i have to be aware that i know im going to at some point pull it off in a tearing motion. the first puzzle in my new venture is how strong conisitiens and what type of glue do i use or is it imporant all these silly aspect s of reserch all which i will properbly do in a happy go lucky style .

that s even before i have selected images as the bases

homer eats dougnuts too