Tuesday, 13 April 2010

time for a update

im begining to notice a patern claudio ! "ha yes sir i am beginin to notice it too"

so i have been super busy an ignoring my blog i did update a few pics of images that have been floating around the surface of mind.

things are beging to fall into place i many aspects of my work and now know what to focus my artistic eye and my proces of intervention.

fuck sreens, john terry,wastelands sound experiment , painings, sound paintings,stencils have all been floaters leading to a point a release . i belevie that my systems have worked out a new calculation a feind of a colage .

the next series of blogs will follow this project till june that s about 2 months at the end of which i hope to have 5 sperete serise of works , all foolowing simular prosecss i have named release, i will exlain release in a future post.

Wasteland and wasteland revisited
is a video of me interacting with a wasteland ajasent to me studio wouldnt it be great urben life had places like the wasteland ,if there were spaces for people to throw stones and dig holes for there own reason play with a boat in a puddle even make a mud pie !


i found a hover and made an island

the carecters(sculpture) are hary on the island and steve with the hover


there are 2 films one of me geting the ideas and the other of the result yet when i edited them i felt it was more sexy if i poped them up and altered the flatening to that of my visual moving response.

below is me in the sky i resently got my hands on the film that i took part in a year ago

made by jo steele i cpatured some of the shot s

i pertiualey like the cross entanglment of bodies and the chair jo steele is a visionary and a dooerr !! god i love that guy

with the begins of RELEASE the starting point has become decide which glue is best to use to aply paper to hard bord i have to be aware that i know im going to at some point pull it off in a tearing motion. the first puzzle in my new venture is how strong conisitiens and what type of glue do i use or is it imporant all these silly aspect s of reserch all which i will properbly do in a happy go lucky style .

that s even before i have selected images as the bases

homer eats dougnuts too

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