Wednesday, 19 May 2010

stroking the surface

Stroking the surface
gloss paint on board

This body of work can be seen as an extension of my dilidante process and direction within my practice .
Each of these paintings feature nature and us humans in harmony,however in contrast the shiny arbitrary colours evoke darker meanings.
The blackness is a change of direction from my previous use of bright colours within my work and i feel represents my initial emotional feelings at the time of painting .
This theme of cats observing people is an idea that originates from last christmas spent a my girlfriends motheres house, which has three naughty,playful cats senario im unacucustomed with. They observed my everymove for five days as i slept on the sofa bed.
A cat watching my movements makes me curiouse as to how they must interpret our existence.
Perhaps by viewing things from a cats perspective things can appear innocent .

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