Wednesday, 12 May 2010

nature looking at us

A total change in direction ocured , due to my inabilaty to cast the john terry and the silvio berlescoi stencils . i went through 2 weeks of perseviresnce into making the peice work . when plaster cast was not working i tryed to replicate the same idea using gold leaf another disaster.
Both these ideas are still possible but as they relect now the work must i feel responde now this is where my problems lay . my own skill s are at mosts time s unable to carry out my wishes and desires .
As im preparing for a final show of a body of work and my previous plans have failed ,i decided to persue my other idea of depiciting nature looking at us.
bellow is a peek at my studio
Using found palletes and ply wood the images are drawn using a chalk gun which raises the images texture .the wood pallete to me is a reflection on my stlye anything is open to me as artist material in my experimental way.
I have ruiend this painting above through experiment with colour i found the drips intersting but overall i was disapointed with the paintings lackof clarity.
this painting above is in stage 2 and is due to be paintied over nowing when to aplly paint and when to stop is some time s i feel like chating a girl up some times it goes up and down forward and backward s however its a passionte learning feeling discovery .
I have just painted this and is finish (top of post)
it one of my favorites so far .
this is the first time i have drawn animals in my painting s i am fasinated with this style i am creating .I feel so free float float on .............

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