Sunday, 2 May 2010

waste land object s and a peak in my studio

Its the beging of May and i feel all transisanal and re-born i had strongly beleived that i would be spending the next acadimc year contiuning my fine art degree but as you can add up from post previous things havent paned out that way and as a result i have to ajust and change gear !
im goona be alone more without lectures critisum (so i will have to find new critics )
feel free .
the work below is whats been happening in my studio my foucs recently has been on the wasteland oppersite the studio so you coold say my imidet suroundings as the work also depends on the storys of the moment (john terry ,election s CHANGE politics ) the media way of depicinting menipulating storys pushing there values on us the brothers and sisters of this land .
the wasteland is a place of decronstuction its an urban play space skateboarders and pepole who like to be in a enviorment that feels rule less and free, secret yet dieing as the developers prepare to stop a wasteland being a wasteland .
the pecie below was found by me and is a moss and soil relief of a brick in the wasteland 15/04/10 usworth is the name incribed on the brick releif is mirrored .
i cant alter the peice anymore its beuaty and self preserve are visions of natural growth names living on in the soil ,mud with an artistic earthy stencil tracing the wasteland is a living decomposing artist talent .
we are the nazi s !

This burnt wood was found on the wastland the area whare i found it forced blood to rush to my head as the recently burnt out fire was sensasonl it was surouned by (photo soon) the sound of nature and was crackling softly incialy i wantd to keep all the fire area but as thought kicked in i had to realise im un able to relaisee this i looked within the fire foor a sample of this black dead fire savage enrgey burnt tyres destroy proberbly by kids bored unitersted by the convention right aprouch to learnig .the act of lighting fires is something i relate to as a young claudio looking at the flame s burn diferent colors and size depending on the fule you stoke it with .

Takin plaster casts is a adaption of my stencils a new reepration of some older work but seam s to me very relevent in that i see some of my find s at the wasteland useful object s surface texttures and smells link well in my new seach to present my veiws on media s intrest exposing people by there flaws and alowing it to dominate socititys conversations and interests .
not alowing us to foucs on ourseleves deeper .
this cast belove is of s berlesconi the italian priminister i intend to do one of john terry also both 2 high profile peole one a footballer the other polotion musian media mogal ruler of italy rule breaker. the 2 figure s have both been under scruitiny due to the prmiscuss ways .
the work is now at a bigger scale more A4 in size ad i intend to glue the casts to the burt wood although im unsure how this will look ?

this tyre also was found in thesite of the burnt out remains of the fire i intent to put a mirror inside the tyre and hang above the other found burnt wood allowing personal reflecting whilst viewing the work alowing flowing personl thought s of self as well as i created picture of what my thought in your head.

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