Sunday, 21 February 2010

do you wannna funk

bin lad

is it bath time ?
i wish it was !!
how strange i maake this peice of work in about 1 hour the montage still in my scannaer and
now the whole world can look at it s fuckkin scarry.
what a gray day its been today

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

john terry

The month of February sure was a busy one ,
i kinda concentrated on my fuck screens and focusing on have the right platform to exhibit them . fortunately i was able to do this at 2 venues the first at Embassy gallery in Edinburgh
although this was a major scale down version and just involved showing one A4 print im still pleased with the out come .

The big test was BLAST which was me showing 8 print screens i call (fuck screens)that featured me in dialog with people on a free web cam site .
along with 2 painting s .
i was so pleased with its look i only wish it had been able to have been exhibited more than 4 hours no sooner than i had finished putting it up i was planning taking it down .
each fuck screen had a small torch on the wall the viewer was to investigate the print screen with the use of the small UV light . The use of the torch gave the feeling of an investigating a concept i was trying to achieve and believe i did this perfectly the room was without lighting just the shining of the moon outside .
also in the blast show i decided to show my 2 new john terry watercolors.
check out the BLAST GIRLS S
big thanks to mr joseph steele and tom whitty
great team .