Sunday, 27 December 2009

art anwick gardens

alnwick gardens project ideas in motion !
steven drydens work above
changing seasons/changing perceptions
this is the brief handed to me for the venue Alnwick gardens
i can link my current idea about how technology and nature need each other in an ever changing world where seasons are changing at a rapid rate and . law of nature enviroment consideration law
law of nature enviroment consideration law

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

what a wonderful world

Controversial student sex film passed off as art |

Controversial student sex film passed off as art |

my dick made METRO jo steele write this """"!

nicked nuke----------- trannie somkin dan ------------------ cream pie

paintin s i been dooin
nicked nuke trannie is a kinad rip of some ar work by these guys
i love this website and the connected artist s i feel what there doing
this week was a strange one an art film that i perfomed
in was featured in international pron mag forum never in my life did i think i would be in a porn mag ,and i sertinatly did not ever think i would be ever in a porn mag but not metnioned . i bet that kinda sums up porn . (not depicting one s reality)
the day after discovering the write up in forum mag i typed the words ART PORN NEWCASTLE into google and i found this link :
and compared with the shameful write ups in the metro and in the sunday sun , may i say the worst example of writing . i was overjoy when reading gorillas post, yes i did were socks haha
and the palms dor oroffiss hurt my sides haha but it was the most rewarding read since makin sweet love in the name of art .
ask a question why did joe do it why did i do it why did m do it simply we wonted to experiment with life, and the options it brings were rational minds !
we can even vote !
im now going on a rant but im bloggin its 3.36 and im out of wine ahha
no here are some links form the local rag
1 more
2 more
last one its good the metro

that s 2 local paper s
a metro and a porno
and i stil dont have a copy i dont evenknow if i was wearin socks i asked m today and she ryplied that she was and i didnt i ll ask joe to check .
that blog made me smile it a reason others away from newcastle should see it.
so when i first met jo i asked him do you write for the metro he told me he didnt !
when i read on the bus the articule about the film .
what pleased me most was the fact that me perfoming sweet love on camara was a sureal matcho exirence hahah

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

finished peice

my project Idenity is finished my work

reesponse 1 and reesponse 2

the two are similar compositions and they compliment each other , Reesponse 1 was created for a reason i wanted to use cement and speakers and i had these 5 trays i found in a skip they now form the cot like shape . The reason for cement was simply interested in working with a new medium i was a lit
tle inspired from some art i viewed in Barcalona .In one of my previous projects i used grass
(far right shortcut a peice i made to highlight cutting corners) --------------------------------------------------------------------------->

<------ (a grass sound motage site specicifc the ouseburn newcastle 2008)

Reesponce 1
we grow we listen we become molded sculpted and manipulated.
if only i new how to convay the mesage about my art work
perhaps there is not one and my work shows simply mans need to do.
i like to create.
feelings, sensastions, create debate and ask question .

Monday, 7 December 2009

reesponse 1 and reesponse 2 work in progress

reesponse 1 and reesponse 2 work in progress
tomoro both peices will be finished they bounce of each other and when presented as i have in mind with reesponse 1 on a reflective base .
i hope to have achived a insite into my thought patern and a glimpse of my idenity,
reesponce 1 is evidence of my love of improvisation in art and my created forms

hello ebay

"art for sale "


i love this very deep idea i have it freamed well as of tomoro.


I paint nothing
i slide and swerve
i paint nothing
all shape appears
my mind reconstructs
i think why
i think why lines cross
painting a chemistry translating
feeing .

The heart a symbol of ? feeling /person , win/lose improvisation .
the books beneath the feet

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Questions hit me a thosand miles an hour!
the cement tile s have become a comperstion
i have named it reesponse 1 this combined with my other peice a paintin which i will name now in advance reesponse 2
my sculpture mash-up brings to light a beauty in my ritual laziness which permit me to think, lazy is essential to my practice.
I don’t comprehend why if an artist is cutting corners and guessing this should cause the observer to think less of the author!
I m drifting back to reesponse 1 sound-montage sculpture (cement, paint ,audiobites on wood) ii painted the backs of the cement tile s using my hands and one brush it was done really hastily .The discovery of the shape of the sculpture is a multitude of thing s all to do with the way the human conform s. against his will but for his will we do so conform the form of the sculpture gives the viewer a cot shaped structure that omitites music sound audio bites and ,the cement exterior with it s colours and earthy feel inflict childhood memories, mud pies messy wall, being naughty, breaking something. On the inside of the form we have vibrant colours ,energy, and a sense of chaos yet the sound is a times confusing .
i fell that reesponse 1 i s a reflection of my recent work method and my celebration of it .the use of my internet ready made sculptures in this case personal but in another sense it s a idea i would like to possibly take forward(sculptures forms that use audio altered stolen juxtapose elegantly .
im going to post a video update soon

Artist s

what artists do i like ?
links to me ?

Jhon Currin, Sydney Chastain-Chapmen
Ryan Mcginly
George CondoMaria

,Martin Creed,Alan Dave,Hannah ,Hoch,Terry Frost,Jim Dine,wilhem de kooning

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

my website begins

So claudio is a little more organized than yesterday, why because i have the framework of my website ,Global branding was running though my head when i chose between having a .com or a lol.
for now it just has my contact details and links to my blog is funny i made it with the help of my freind joseph steele the front page image was made in a strange way tho , Jo said "do you have an image to use for the front page"
i replyed "let me make it now and i have until the theme tune for the benny hill show
take s to finish also im only gonna use thing s in the top draw of your desk
we scaned it in and Joe did his magic !
The front page is the end result im so pleased with it although im pretty sure it will evolve.
i perticularly like the fact that if you click on my email adress it links to a youtube video of the song
sir dancealot (olympic runners). hahahahhahahha.