Sunday, 25 July 2010

so im on chatroulette

out: yo
in: yoooooooooooooo
out: u in ita;y
out: am in uk
out: newcastle
out: ciao
in: yes
in: sant'urbano
in: ciao
out: can u here my micropone
out: where
out: north south
out: my family is in poteza
in: rome
out: sweet
out: what the fuck u guys doing on shity chat roullete
in: you too
in: ahahahaah
out: because im bord and i use the foootage in my art work
in: bord?????????????'
out: whats ya names im claudio
out: mi scuzzi bored got fuckk all to do
in: from left to right ylenia matteo mirko
out: i can here u guys
in: we too
out: whats up in town tonight
out: ?
in: there is a war
out: what kind
out: u guys speak good english
in: alien vs citizen
out: you guy s always at war with that in italy
in: yes
out: why
out: why
out: tell me somtin
out: stearing into my house
in: is there any beautiful girl in newcatle?
in: are there
out: too many
out: loads of tastys
in: wtf
out: so has rome
in: tastys??? what does it means?
out: makes you eat
out: if some thing is tastey
out: u like eating it
in: we have to go
in: by
out: th cool

so im on chatroulette

where every spins a winner booo
late at night when i return home from work all day and drinking in the after hours i engage in a sort of speedy production of senerios and images form through improvisation
varrious ideas emerge all using chat roullete as a kind of starting point .
the strange ness of us humans !

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

satin love

my recent focus is a revisit to my watercolors ,the adition of collage and rederding the scanned image in photoshop is example s of me adding new skills and methodolgy to current and and previous styles .
The fundamentles remain pretty much the same .

howevere i myself find it extreamly dificult to grasp why whatever peice i am working on which is often muitude , has reocuring images all pornographic in theme . i beleive it to be a simple as me trying comunicate how saturated with filth my world is ,which i am greatfull ,i just sometime s wish my brain had ttotaly new visions or motions of thought .