Friday, 20 November 2009

barcalona was bute !

just so i dont forget or lose my note book again i wannna write artists whose work i came across and why it connected with me .

Augusta Rodin ,Carmen Segovia( this work in perticular just found her on blogger lol .Marc Rabal(
i think i saw all these artists in the same place. unsure
robert morris,Tomas Schmit,David Maljkovic,Armando Andrade Tudela
i like this note pad i can save links the work i feel so smart yet stupid for not doing this last year for that mater since i was a small boy .
modernologies was an exerbition at macba barcalona works by Mathias Poledna, Louise Lawler
Dieter Roth,Richard Hamilton,Jaume Xitra(,stencil 1934)
a land art film the spiral jetty
clip from film above. Robert Smithson fasinateing work of such magnitude clever in many ways the film style the ideas the process was something i dream to have ,it reminded me of Richard Longs work .

"the artists task no longer consists in creating a work of art but in producing creation anew"

Anna Artaker artist i realy interested in hard to find more info on her but i will follow it up.
RunA Islam s film s simlar in big ness remind me of Steve Mcqueen s work but the contents is different both sucsess full artists the utilis film as a medium (big projectors )
Henrick Olesen top image
this is a cool link i found no doubt ill use again.
while in spain i watched a story on the news about church fonts it was amusing because i made my boot piece was kinda related to a church font in the back of my mind. Link

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