Tuesday, 1 December 2009

my website begins

So claudio is a little more organized than yesterday, why because i have the framework of my website ,Global branding was running though my head when i chose between having a .com or a co.uk lol.
for now it just has my contact details and links to my blog is funny i made it with the help of my freind joseph steele the front page image was made in a strange way tho , Jo said "do you have an image to use for the front page"
i replyed "let me make it now and i have until the theme tune for the benny hill show
take s to finish also im only gonna use thing s in the top draw of your desk
we scaned it in and Joe did his magic !
The front page is the end result im so pleased with it although im pretty sure it will evolve.
i perticularly like the fact that if you click on my email adress it links to a youtube video of the song
sir dancealot (olympic runners). hahahahhahahha.


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