Sunday, 6 December 2009

Questions hit me a thosand miles an hour!
the cement tile s have become a comperstion
i have named it reesponse 1 this combined with my other peice a paintin which i will name now in advance reesponse 2
my sculpture mash-up brings to light a beauty in my ritual laziness which permit me to think, lazy is essential to my practice.
I don’t comprehend why if an artist is cutting corners and guessing this should cause the observer to think less of the author!
I m drifting back to reesponse 1 sound-montage sculpture (cement, paint ,audiobites on wood) ii painted the backs of the cement tile s using my hands and one brush it was done really hastily .The discovery of the shape of the sculpture is a multitude of thing s all to do with the way the human conform s. against his will but for his will we do so conform the form of the sculpture gives the viewer a cot shaped structure that omitites music sound audio bites and ,the cement exterior with it s colours and earthy feel inflict childhood memories, mud pies messy wall, being naughty, breaking something. On the inside of the form we have vibrant colours ,energy, and a sense of chaos yet the sound is a times confusing .
i fell that reesponse 1 i s a reflection of my recent work method and my celebration of it .the use of my internet ready made sculptures in this case personal but in another sense it s a idea i would like to possibly take forward(sculptures forms that use audio altered stolen juxtapose elegantly .
im going to post a video update soon

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