Monday, 23 November 2009

stage 2 cement

woke bright and early today ,i inspected my cement trays they had dried but much to my disapointment they didnt stick to the surface too well . (tray 5) i pick up and it fell off ahhhh,

so after a little think, i applyed some color bright pinks and yellows and a sprinkle of green, followed by another mix of cement but this time much wetter and i mixed in mor
e pva glue

i moved the surface addin more water it started to remind me of my childhood and playin with mud pies or messin at the beach with wet sand ,i try to follow a kind of rule but my rule were force to change because i have never played with this toy i dont know how to caresse and please the materials .

The photo on the left is how they look now im going to apply more color but im finished with the cement . All 5 of the speakers work (sound comes out) im now working on the the audio to be played im not sure how many cd players i will use, i do know that if i had five i would use five but for a starting point i would defiantly use two.

Im going to use the speaker s to resonate my influences , i will type key words into internet search engine s and then download the audio or film and then form an audio composition to play
out of the cement tablets .
i also intent to paint automatic response to this piece . (big)

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