Wednesday, 18 November 2009

made in cement stage 1

New project anonuced on monday "identity" i wanna work with cement,i saw some art work that used cement /paint i saw in barcalona last week .
Antoni Amat (small blue pic)
any how my idea is biuild a frame 40 cm by 20 cm , and put a backin on it mdf most likely.
You can see from the photos that

i have begun.Half a bag of cement was mixed with pva glue and water it was then devided up between the 5 trays , they each had a speaker atached right through back to leave the pontencial for sound to be played out , im unsure if this will work or even why i want it to ? sound to me is a colour it adds depth .Im workin on the sound while the mixture drys. i hope to add the paint first thing monday morning ,then another layer of cement again workin the materinals in a random seletion .
I have this vision of the work being like a tv with sound coming from a picture forgin sounds some idea s i have are to use turkish rock punk from the 70s , tv news from religious chanals what ever pops up !

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