Tuesday, 17 November 2009

hug the montain

im gonna expose u too some of my work ive been doing, the brif was to create site specific work for a rockclimbing wall in byker, newcastle upon tyne, which happens to situated within an old church. I made two piecs for this project the first was 2 toilets signs made from fused glass, i wanted to demonstrate my fustration at creatin art for arts sake . There quite good i think, i made a series of drawins ,watercolors,spray,stencils to come up with the desgin then i handed them to a guy called ashley sage a stained glass specilist .I let his abilty and chance to do the rest i had never met the ashly until i went to colect the finished product, i smiled.
The second was a film instalation titled porn climb ,It feature riped samples from "youporn" and "youtube" in both websites search bar i typed the words montain climb with this fotage i made the above.My idea behind this was my passion for ready made-art,chance and new possiblities .This is transgresive art following the similar atribute s to that of Cage,Duchamp ,Kenneth Anger,Zhu yu,Carolee Schneemann e.g
my pallete should be what ever my mind dreams and my restraints allow me.recently i care more for the process in art than the product

the reason for the shortness is due to the fact that the free porn downloader only alows you to download 30 seconds of witch i delated some music .
update and fix soon this is my first blog i feel like i came to quick but it is late and im tired for some strange reason im gonna atempt to watch woman in red with gene wilder and kelly le brook, haha not with them featuring them that would be weird!

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