Monday, 8 March 2010


above are 6 images removed from the internet

These objects and scenes are hyperrealism paintings (digital media)via the internet are meticulously detailed to create the ilusion of a new reality not seen in the original photo or . That is not to say that they are surreal ,as the illusion is a convincing depiction of (simulated ) reality .Textures ,surfaces,lighting effects and shadows are painted to appear clearer and move distinct than the reference photo or even the actual subject itself.

The simulation of something which never really existed


  1. I think if you made them more abstract they would seem like the illusion youre trying to create.

  2. thanks i kinda know what u mean
    i ll post some of the more abstract ones once they finished but the more abstract you venture the easier, illusion appears to be transformed into confusion.
    The question then is what is abstract and where do we make the abstract maneuver , and how do we control it?
    One of the main theoretical strands in my work is attempting to locate, harness and implement the abstract maneuver. The way in which I vision the cultural field of production is; I am surrounded by systems of signification, canonized works and ideological foundations. These constraints or troupes ultimately govern varying artistic disciplines. The question I ask myself is; How do I depart from what already exists and invent new forms that heighten awareness?