Sunday, 14 March 2010

my heart will go on

my heart will go on

i bought this key ring in monsoon a cloths shop
it cost me 50 p

the word s HEART MISSING are cited
as a fault
it made me compelled to buy it .
an artist had created a poetic master piece for me.


  1. I doubt it was an "artist" who created this, more a designer who was thinking purely of money. This is a beautiful mistake though. Most mistakes are, even the painful ones.

  2. everyone should apply creative thinking in their own area of specialization--whether it be law, agriculture, physics, education, homemaking, or the fine arts.
    Mandy the artist im mentioning here is not the designer but the person who wrote the fault tag (shop worker)
    and why do you believe a designer is not an artist.
    but for this instants we could say that we have all collaborated together.
    when you and rose talk about fashion constantly do you feel these creative minds the designers are not artists ?
    im really big supporter of Joesph Beuys, understanding and the basis of his creative practice , the need to change, or literally to re-form . "All around us," he said, "the fundamentals of life are crying out to be shaped, or created."

    "we are all artists" more so now in the age of mass amateurism.

  3. I dont think youre getting my point, if you read more into what i said youd understand. Youre quoting Beuys but doesnt this apply to people consciously creating art? people creating art for a purpose? if what youre saying is right then according to you anyone is an artist then? can everyone be an artist? why cant an artist be someone who has talent. Theres people in our class eg who are not artists perse, they dont care to be here, they have to passion, is this not that same as the person who made the accident on the tag? My point is, they arent an artist, they made a beautiful mistake that someone with artistic talent (you) saw.
    Yes me and rose talk of designers in FASHION, those kids of designers have been using actual artists work as direct inspiration for their own garment for many years, fashion came from art eg Lanvin with her famous optical illusion dresses. However, someone designing the interface or logo for McDonalds has one thing in mind and it isnt for artistic intention.
    Thats my point. You dont need to expand in a complicated vocabulary, plain and simple lexis will do for me claudio.

  4. mandy i get your point however its not my point.

    There is a need for me to engage and expand my knowlage in "complicated vocabulary"
    mainly because i seek to improve my english skills, i find that constant practice is helping me gain a more critical assement into ones self.
    thanks for participating your helping!

    artistic intention :
    To what extent ones intention counts and to what role it plays in the interpretation of his or her artwork are questions that now need to be addressed. To answer them both at once it would suffice to say that the artist intention is of the absolute most importance and simultaneously of the absolute least importance.
    As for Beuys he was aiming this at everyone for
    everyone is an artist everyone is a collector everyone is a critic
    if these words are not to be true
    then i am not an artist
    the guy who crated the macdonalds logo may not be the greatest artist but from that logo we have witnessed its tranformation to a global logo that now is also used to form an anti capatlism logos or in works via other artists .
    we must all be artists
    postmodern art forces this.